Containg Health Care Costs through Employer-Driven Initiatives
To bring together key local and national business leaders, medical professionals and health care industry representatives to share ideas and learn about best practices in managing rising health care costs, with a focus on chronic .
Participants will:
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of chronic diseases on employers and their communities
Learn how diverse organizations that otherwise might be competitors are currently collaborating to improve the management of chronic diseases in New Mexico and how employers can become proactive participants in the collaboration
Understand the barriers to implementing management strategies at the employer or community level
Learn how to evaluate models for employer and community based initiatives
Understand how cultural and ethnic issues affect health care delivery in New Mexico
*Conference information provided below.
Health Benefits: Decade of the Consumer
Jerry Burgess, President and CEO, Healthcare 21 Business Coalition
- Biography
- Presentation
Health Benefits Best Practices Panel
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, Lovelace Health Plan, Presbyterian Health Plan, United Healthcare of New Mexico
- PHP Panel Summary
- UHC Panel Summary
- LHP Panel Summary
Improving Diabetes Care in New Mexico New Mexico Health Care Takes On Diabetes (NMHCTOD)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bruce A. Mann, MD, Chair, NMHCTOD Steering Committee
- Biography - Presentation Patient Centric Models for Containing Health Care Costs
John Miall, Miall Consulting, Retired Director of Risk Management, City of Asheville, North Carolina
- Biography
- Presentation
Addressing Cultural and Ethnic Issues in the Delivery of Health Care
Andrew Erlich, PhD, Erlich Transcultural Consultants
- Biography
- Presentation
Health Professionals Best Practices Panel
Kristine Bordenave, MD, ABQ.MED, PC; Larry Clevenger, MD,
Medical Director, Sandia National Laboratories; and Richard Lueker, MD, Director, New Heart, Inc.
- Summary
- Presentation (Clevenger)
- Presentation (Bordenave)

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